Company Profile

Far Eastern Manufacturing Ltd was started several years ago, by Morris Robinson who has been in the lighting business for the past two decades. Morris, who started manufacturing lighting and electrical products in mainland China from the early 1990's built a global distribution network utilizing a combination of UK R&D coupled with a strong manufacturing base in Ningbo, China.

In 2008, after having sold the assets of the previous Company, Morris forged a new partnership with a manufacturer in the south of China whose main stay business activity was the development and production of LED chips. Out of a mutual desire to produce finished products utilizing the strengths of both partners, a new Chinese entity was formed. Encompassing UK design engineers together with an R&D electronics division based in Cranfield, the partnership was forged in an effort to feed innovative new products in to this exciting revolution in the Lighting Industry.

Quality control processes are key to the services that FEM offer. To that end a fully working laboratory was installed in London to enhance development of our latest designs as well as both randomly testing our own production and those of our competitors in the market. With Photometric data; electrical analysis; and EMC testing capabilities in house and close at hand we are able to offer our customers a unique insight in to the development and production of their potential requirements.

OEM design and manufacture is the key ethos of FEM with the ability to tailor manufacture products in this exciting new Industry. We manufacture on behalf of several well known brands, utilizing the years of experience and infrastructure that has come with being a well established behind the scenes professional outfit.